You Can't Shoosh Pap The Hulk!
I made punch with vodka in it

and I can barely taste the vodka

but I think I can feel it

Today was not a good day

I will go into detail later, but lets just say that we got some very bad news and I am not mentally/emotionally equipped to talk about it just now


Did they ever reveal how Captain America was thawed? Because I’m picturing a bunch of Shield agents with hair dryers and I don’t think that’s quite right.

All I had to do is change Dr. Strange’s outfit and I was able to hand Dormammu’s ass to him.

I vapors of valored his little demon friends and they ate each other

and then I kept hitting Dormy and he went out so fucking fast.

The only heroic battle I’ve ever won

and it was so easy

I wanted to cry.

Dormy’s been the hardest person to fight ever and I kicked his ass so hard he would’ve run home crying to mama if he had one



Is there a word for that occasional moment of self-awareness when reading smut, like where your brain accidentally takes one step back and you realize you are reading really descriptive pornography in your pajamas, while it’s light outside, with a box of Wheat Thins tucked under your arm?

I’m, uh, asking for a friend.

i feel like there should be a german word for this.


[glasses cleaning intensifies]


I think I might be seeing something of a pattern, it’s a bit hard to tell….

To Do List

1. Therapy Appt.

2. Read

3. Write

4. Play with Puppy

5. Errands for mom

6. do laundry

7. Sweep/Vacuum

8. Eat an actual meal

Gonna make myself a screwdriver and try to finish reading the “Encyclopedia of Urban Legends”

It’s sort of related to a series of books I wanna write.

I kind of wonder if my reading it and taking notes is a way for me to avoid actually working on the thing

and if it is even anything useful

but I’m gonna finish it anyway.

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